iTools Crack is a fantastic synchronization and management solution that helps iPod/iPad/iPhone users manage their files easily. It is not a heavy application, even if you do not need to install it on your PC. It completely controls your device. The program can also manage your media files, iBooks, images, documents, contacts, and even your mail. It provides complete control of installing or uninstalling applications.

With this application, you can also create a backup of your application. You can also move music files between iOS and your computer. You don’t have to worry about syncing your iPhone from your PC when losing your music tracks. The best part is that it saves iTunes limits for your iPhone music. It also allows you to export images from your iOS device to your PC. This process does not require much time. You can export your images with one click.

iTools cracks the latest version for free download. The application supports Windows and Mac OS (operating system). This is why our team provides you with the full license keys for both platforms. Let us discuss its features and services. What does it provide?

Review iTools

If you are an ios user, then you already know iTunes and ios. Today, we will discuss one of the best alternatives to iTunes called iTools. iTools was developed by ThinkSkySoft. iTools contains so many new features that it is better than iTunes. The iTools crack is the latest version of iTools. In this article, we will discuss iTools and iTools 4. So, before we go to iTools 4 to crack the version, let’s remove the idea of ​​iTools 4 cracks.

iTools Free Download is a quick and easy tool. In most cases, it is suitable for Apple, iPod, iPhone, iPad touch users. It looks similar to iTunes. However, its advanced features provide a more flexible interface. It is used to establish a connection between an iOS device and a computer. Therefore, it can route iDevice and custom files. iTools license keys can easily manage eBooks, pictures, files, audio, video and other media.

iTools Crack It is a lightweight software designed to help iPad, iPhone, iPod contact customers to process their information more easily. This system helps with recent system changes, and for most purposes of its order, it wants iTunes to connect with your system.

So, on the first run, it mechanically detects if you can leave iTunes on your PC. iTools torrent interface, the new version is simple and well-organized, allowing you to browse the local laptop library, in addition to system content. Once your system is relevant, you will be able to view media information, images, iBooks and different files that it contains.

The iTools key is an application that controls all of the most diverse generations of your iPad, iPhone or iPod. If you are using Apple, you will understand that inserting tracks, pictures, videos, and other styles of data files into them is usually not a very easy task.

The application is comparable to state-product productivity, while the remaining instruments have lower hardware requirements for the computers they run. In addition, there is a huge plus sign that you will not need to set up the program so that it can work as a lightweight application.

iTools Serial Key allows you to manage and customize your own ringtones. It can enhance your choice and convert your favorite songs into your ringtones. If you are tired of the default ringtones, then use the iTools Free ringtone maker’s features and enjoy your favorite ringtones. This application allows you to create backups and restore important data on your Apple device. You can create all backups of your iPhone content.

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iTools is a powerful software for Apple users. It allows you to organize all other files of media, iBooks, images, and devices. Using new technology and a modern user interface makes it easy to apply programs. The best part is that the program doesn’t contain the ability to irritate your ads or plugins.

Helps you install, uninstall, and create full backups of your applications and all important files needed for backups. This program is available for Windows, Mac, and Apple users. You do not need to install this application because it runs on your RAM, allowing you to perform any tasks that you want to run. You can also download the offline installer, which means that it does not require an internet connection.

iTools Special Police for Windows, you can transfer media. What is the exchange between your apple and desktop computer? You can communicate freely and successfully. In addition, it protects your iPhone media from iTunes restrictions. In addition, after transferring mobile data.

You can preview media at native resolution. It clearly shows everything, without any disaster. In addition, it can also display detailed reports of your iPhone battery, such as the serial number and its health. Therefore, download the latest version of iTools Free from below. Manage your media, iOS files, folders, battery performance, and more.

The native library in the iTools license key is organized in three parts, one for system purposes, the second for media information, and the third for different tools. The Utilities module allows you to add many applications in the IPA or PXL format and set them up in the system.

In addition, you can assign personalized tags to each software to make them easier to build. ITools is a software that has several communication drivers discovering common equipment in commercial automation. iTools Free Download can be an application for Windows and Mac OS X systems that allows you to access and manage the most diverse types of content on your iOS device.

The iTools Crack helps you arrange iPhone icons according to your choice. Just drag your favorite icons and arrange them on your iPhone in one click. You do not need to worry about the old layout and arrangement, because this application helps you to back up and restore it.

The battery host is a wonderful feature of this application. It shows you the health of the device and provides complete details of the battery life. First, it shows the battery charge history, battery health percentage and full charge cycle. Second, it shows battery information such as actual capacity, design capability, current voltage, startup voltage, battery temperature, current, battery manufacturer, and battery SN.

Features Of iTools Crack:

  • Transfer media files between iOS and PC.
  • Supports Windows (all versions and versions).
  • Supports iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iOS 11.
  • Backup and restore all your content to your iPhone.
  • Easily transfer music tracks in both directions.
  • Save music files from iTunes limits.
  • Easily export all your images to your iPhone.
  • It transmits and manages your mobile data.
  • Amazingly, it provides a detailed report of your battery.
  • In addition, you can also download audio and video. Then send it to iPhone.
  • Always, to help you easily back up and restore data.
  • The main supported formats are e-books, documents, contacts.

Supported Operating System:

  • It is fully compatible with iPhone 7/7 Plus and iOS 11.
  • Mac OS
  • In addition, it also supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10.